Daily / Weekly  Fishing updates, Villa Mia Holiday Flats St. Lucia, Natal North Coast KZN South Africa.

Updates are recorded to assist holiday makers to choose the best times to visit Villa Mia Holiday flats, St. Lucia Natal North Coast South Africa.

Game viewing in the surrounding parks “Isimangaliso Western & Eastern shores”, Game drives, day & night, Bird viewing, whale watching tours, Fishing expeditions/ trips or just normal quick holiday break away.

Weather predicted in St. Lucia by windfinder is not always spot on, due to the area on the map where St. Lucia is located.


August 2022 tide chart.

  • ¬†August is the month in where it all starts at St Lucia.
  • The sardines will soon disappear at the South Coast and then all focus will be on St. Lucia.
  • Make sure you are part of it all.
  • Book your accommodation now, you cannot afford to miss out!
tide chart high and low tides st lucia natal north coast kzn south Africa month of August 2022
Garrick, Leervis caught at St. Lucia Natal North Coast KZN South Africa by ANGLER Eric
Piet with a nice Garrick, Leervis caught at St. Lucia Natal North coast KZN South Africa.

29 July 2022.

  • August month is close.
  • The August winds are about to start blowing.
  • Many people do not like, the strong north eastily winds.
  • People will be amazed, to know & see, how many fish are caught during the month of August.
  • Update will follow thick and fast.
  • stay tuned.


28 July 2022.

  • The cold front of the weekend has passed.
  • The weather is calm and as such, the sea conditions are also calming down.
  • Fishing conditions and catches should improve from here on.
  • Eric managed to get some fresh shad close to the mouth area.
  • a very nice looking dinner with some fresh shad.



Fresh shad caught at the st lucia mouth Natal North coast KZN South Africa
Shad for dinner caught at St. Lucia Natal north coast KZN South Africa

19 July 2022.

  • St. Lucia has the best sun sets, to offer South Africans and the world.
  • St. Lucia, Villa Mia holiday flats, what a sun set! wow.



Sunsets in st Lucia, natal north coast, KZN South Africa.

18 July 2022.

  • Sharks have been ever present at St. Lucia.
  • This lucky anglers managed to land this shark from the shore.
  • Congrats to the angler.


Sharks are regularly caught from the beach at St. Lucia, Natal North coast KZN South Africa.

17 July 2022.

  • A lucky angler indeed at St. Lucia.
  • This nice Kob/ Salmon was caught at Ingwe beach on a live Shad.
  • The weight was estimated to be around 18 to 22kg.
  • Well done to the angler.


Salmon caught at St. Lucia Ingwe beach, Natal North Coast KZN South Africa

16 July 2022.

  • Shad in abundance in St. Lucia.
  • Anglers across all walks of life, enjoying the bounty that nature has to offer.
  • a lucky angler decided to miss the Springbok rugby game against Wales and hit the jackpot.
  • Some nice Salmon caught as well as shad.


Shad, Salmon caught, St Lucia Ingwe beach St. Lucia. Natal North Coast South Africa
Shad fishing st. Lucia natal north Coast KZN South Africa

14 July 2022.

  • A cold front has just passed through the area.
  • a stronger then normal sea current is present with bigger waves.
  • This makes fishing for bigger game fish difficult.
  • Anglers have been catching plenty of Shad which is the main targeted species.
  • Jaun, a up country visitor managed to land this nice little salmon on a live shad. Well done to Jaun.


Fishing St Lucia beach Natal north Coast KZN  South Africa

10 July 2022.

  • Eric, a well known angler managed to catch this nice sized Garrick/ Leervis from the shore at St. Lucia.
  • Well done Eric, some nice curry to be made out of it.
Garrick caugt at St Lucia Natal North Coast KZN South Africa

7 April 2022.

  • a new visitor is in town!!
  • This warthog is enjoying the green grass of our lovely town.
  • Such a great privilege to have nature on your doorstep.
warthog feeding in st lucia town natal north coast KZN South Africa

5 April 2022.

  • St. Lucia Natal North Coast has special sunrises.
  • What a view, which brings calmness and relaxation to a person.
Sunrise St. Lucia Natal North Coast, KZN South Afrcia