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  • Units 4 & 7 are privately owned and offer all the amenities you need for a relaxing & comfortable stay.
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  • Below are some pictures we are sharing of Villa Mia units 4 & 7.
  • A video or two of the memories made over the years.

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Holiday Flats
St Lucia KZN

-2 Bedrooms




-Safe undercover parking bay

Safe, Secure, Clean, Center of town, walking distance from all shops, Resturants

– 1,8km to the nearest beach

Holiday Flats
St Lucia KZN

– 2 Bedrooms

– Kitchen-Lounge

– Air Conditioner

– DSTV on request

– Next to swimming pool

– Safe under cover parking bay

– Safe, Secure, Clean, Center of town, walking distance from all shops, Restaurants

– 1,8km to Ingwe Beach


Elephant bull in the isimangaliso wetland park st lucia natal north coast kzn south africa
Warthog's commonly found in st lucia wetland park
Sunsets in St Lucia Natal North Coast KZN South Africa 2
White sandy beaches of St. Lucia Natal North Coast KZN South Africa

Gallery and history:

Please take the time, to enjoy our memories with us. Over the past 26 years, we have been regular customers to St Lucia, a renowned world heritage site, situated within the greater St lucia wetland park, KZN South Africa.

The park is managed by Isimangaliso.

In the beginning, we started visiting this magical place, some would call it a paradise, and others would call it the fishing capitol of south Africa.

The visits were initially only once a year, as our money allowed it. We were being blessed more and due to this, we could visit St Lucia more often.

As an angler, the fish and nature were luring us back, to come get more, of the special place, known as St Lucia.

The more we visited, the more we wanted to stay there.

Eventually in 2017 we were given an opportunity, to become “locals” and we bought Villa Mia unit 4.

The unit, is a two bedroom flat, situated on the upper level of unit 1 with two other units next to it with its own under cover parking bay.

It was an empty dull flat with a bathroom the size of a single bed, rotten cupboards and hardly anything in it apart from kitchen cupboards, nothing which would attract a tourist. We were wondering, if we could make this a special holiday flat, could we create a magic place for others to share with?


The measurements were taken and the sums were made, slowly but surely, we created the castles in our heads followed with day dreams of what we will experience in future.

We then made the offer, which was later accepted, and now the ball was on the roll.

We knew, that we needed to create a better unit 4 Villa Mia St Lucia, it had to stand out, we wanted it, to be the safe place where you wanted to stay and have your holiday just like we wanted it!


Getting proper service providers were a challenge, but eventually we managed to get the right ones.

The bathroom was completely revamped to the standard it is today.

In the mean time, we were buying furniture for the holiday unit, a big aspect was that a patron had to sleep well, as there was so much to do the following morning. The beds we sourced are top class, it allows you to sleep in the clouds!!

In December 2017, transfer went through and we were the new owners by law.

With all the furniture on hand, we carted it all off one night to Villa Mia in St Lucia.


Slowly but surely, we build Villa Mia 4 to what it is today.

A large open wooden deck was later constructed, which allows one to spend quality family time around an 8 seater table which has its own umbrella. A braai next to the deck allows one to still enjoy the company while preparing the meats.

The soft rain at times still allows you to enjoy nature at its best on the deck. Here at Villa Mia 4, you can relax and rest. It is all that you need, to recharge the batteries for the next day.

Villa Mia self catering holiday flats is the place to be. Now, you can enjoy another unit, Villa Mia 7, Self catering holiday flats are also now ours.

In time, we will be building Villa Mia 7 up, just like Villa Mia unit 4. New high resolution pictures of unit 7 will be added soon into the gallery  It too will soon also be a magical place to stay, where you will be well rested and ready for what nature has to offer.

Villa Mia 7 is situated next to the swimming pool of Villa Mia holiday flats and thus, a quick dip to cool off, or even just watching the children while they are swimming and enjoying themselves in the swimming pool. So, why is Villa Mia such a great place to stay?

It is a safe complex, which is situated in the center of the small-town St Lucia.

All units are privately owned and the newly elected body corporate team and managing agents are top class.

Future projects at the complex will add so much more. A kiddies play area is also in the pipe line.

There is no need to drive in order to buy any of the normal daily needs (groceries).

The communal swimming pool (complex visitors/ patrons only) allows you to relax after a long day viewing the game in the different parks around St. Lucia.

There is so much to do in St Lucia, yes, it is a angler’s paradise for the anglers, but for the nature lovers, there is much more to do and to experience.

Fannas lake boat tours can be taken, on such a tour, one will see some of the magic, St Lucia has to offer.

Hippos, crocodiles are the water world residents. St Lucia lake has various bird species and on such boat cruises one could get up much closer to nature itself.


Eastern shores, is also known as the side which leads to the renowned Cape Vidal and Mission rocks.

The big 4 can be viewed here, being buffalo, leopards, elephants and rhino’s. Hyenas are also present in the park and they are often seen.

Other big antelope are waterbucks, Koedoe’s / Kudu’s and Zebra’s, smaller game animals are the red duiker, Rooibokke/ impala’s. Monkeys are also common in the park.

Cape Vidal is situated around 28 km north of St Lucia, where Mission rocks is half way.

Mission Rocks has some areas before the beech entrance where one can have a braai/ barbeque.

Walking through the dune one is greeted by a rocky area, walking up with the beech to the left one would find bats cave (around 3km north).

Walking south from the entrance one would find Perriors which is bigger then normal rock inside the sea (renowned as a good angling spot) further south one will find Rangers.

A new addition is the Western Shores which is also a game drive through nature.

There is so much to view and to experience in and around St Lucia, at times it can be overwhelming.

This is why we are allowing you to share in our magic.


For the anglers, a safe coastline is present where one could travel around 7 km north wards to first rocks and around 5 km south to Maphelane bay. One could even go further south to Cray fish point.

Fishing charters are, but not limited to, Asterix, Free Spirit, Wavedancer just to mention some.


Whale watches tours were a great tourist attraction in the past.

Game drives daily and during night time allows you to experience nature in other ways.

We are truly blessed to have such a magical place in South Africa.

To experience all of the above, you need to come and visit us at Villa Mia self catering holiday flats units 4 and 7.


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